Take 3 for the Sea

Since 2018, AVID has been a proud supporter of Take 3 for the Sea. A global movement committed to removing plastic pollution from the environment and minimising waste, Take 3 for the Sea believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

Take 3 for the sea wherever you are (and take a photo and share with #Take3)

Make a commitment to not use single-use plastics wherever possible.

Encourage others to join you in your Take 3 efforts.

About Take 3

Take 3 for the Sea is a worldwide movement that strives to remove plastic pollution from the environment, and supports measures to prevent waste. Its mission is simple: encourage Australians to take 3 items of rubbish with them whenever they leave a public place to prevent harmful waste from making its way into our oceans and endangering marine life.

Its education programs in schools, surf clubs, communities and online, focus on grass root communities driving inspiration and participation. Take 3 encourages individuals and entire communities to act and create positive change, no matter where they are.

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Our collaboration

The Take 3 initiative aligns with AVID’s corporate values to create sustainable places that are both forward thinking, and customer focused. It is this genuine commitment to sustainability that first inspired AVID’s partnership with Take 3 in June 2018.

As a proud partner, AVID regularly hosts events and activities to influence change in each of our communities and to date, has helped to reach and inspire more than two million Australians.

Through our local events, such as clean up days, school education programs, film screenings and digital awareness campaigns, we continue to champion Take 3’s message within all AVID communities, and in doing so, aim to empower residents to become change leaders, reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in waterways and oceans, and ultimately, assist us in creating sustainable communities and a cleaner environment to be enjoyed for generations to come .

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Inspiring others

Through this partnership AVID has expanded its environmental legacy and led by example, seeking to inspire the rest of the property sector, including other developers, to think about single use plastics and look at what they too can do to help make a difference to both local and global issues.

We inform and educate our residents and the wider community by asking them to rethink their choices relative to single use plastics and the disposal of plastic waste. By enabling local communities to get behind the initiative, we help Take 3 in its mission to educate the next generation and inspire genuine change – creating a cleaner environment for the future.

AVID remains committed to generating awareness of the Take 3 philosophy through regular communication and ongoing activities with residents.

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Small changes, big impacts

Little change makers share how we can reduce plastic pollution.

In AVID’s continued efforts to support the future changemakers within our local communities, AVID and Take 3 for the Sea deliver curriculum-aligned education programs to inspire action and participation to protect our environment. Our most recent school incursions took place within our communities at Palmview State Secondary College on the Sunshine Coast and at Officer Primary School in Victoria.

“We are committed to social sustainability and are excited to join Take 3 in its mission to create a cleaner environment for future generations. We are always learning – there is still a lot more to do, but here at AVID we continue to pledge to ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ wherever we are.”

Cameron Holt, CEO, AVID Property Group

“We really wanted to learn and grow as a business – to challenge ourselves to do more in the environmental space, knowing full well we may be judged for it. The issue of plastic pollution is extremely topical at the moment and resonated with our team so we knew it would be embraced by our communities and stakeholders as well.”

Linda Walsh, AVID General Manager Marketing and Customer

“The entire Take 3 team and I are thrilled to be partnered with a company that is committed to sustainability and spreading the message of reducing plastic pollution in our communities. We are at a point in time where schools, businesses and the wider community need to all work together to protect the environment for our future”

Tim Silverwood, Take 3 Co-founder

“We all need to be informed and aware and by being informed and aware we can take action in our own backyard and households.”

Local resident, Mailtland, NSW

“It’s so easy to walk past things and turn a blind eye without realising the impacts.”

Brentwood Forest resident, QLD

“If we don’t make small changes now, it will impact our kids – and then their kids in the future.”

Local resident, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“The simple action of taking three pieces of rubbish every time you visit one of our local outdoor places might seem like a small drop in a large ocean bit it can make a significant difference to our cities natural spaces and wildlife.”

Cr Laura Carli – Deputy Mayor, Melton City Council

“The education program went fantastically – the kids really enjoyed it, they responded well and it has inspired them.”

Ben Takacas, Diggers Rest Primary School Teacher, VIC

“As a result of the Take 3 visit today the students have become really passionate about reducing plastic in the playground, they can see the connection between their single use plastic habits and what’s out there in the ocean.”

Malin Frick, Crown Street Public School Teacher, NSW

“When people see groups partaking in events like this, it can make a real difference – it is changing attitudes and generating an understanding that simple things can make a big impact.”

Taylor Hood, UDIA National EnviroDevelopment Manager

Building Relationships

Our Take 3 partnership has allowed AVID to throw its support behind the popular initiative, to make a genuine social and environmental impact, and to forge stronger relationships with key stakeholders at both a local and industry level including.

• AVID Staff
• Take 3 for the Sea Board Members
• Local Schools and Councils
• Industry bodies
• State Government
• Local residents and Community groups
• Local businesses
• Influencers

Take 3 With AVID Partnership Report

AVID remains committed to sustainability throughout its residential communities along the eastern seaboard of Australia, and further afield, generating awareness of the Take 3 philosophy through regular communication and ongoing activities with residents.

Pick it Up! Snap it! Share it!

Get involved on social media – remember to pick it up, snap it and share it using #Take3fortheSea to join the online movement and make your contribution count. Take the pledge to get involved for a day, a week or even a year – every bit counts!

For more information visit www.take3.org

AVID’s Take 3 Community Events

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