Community Sponsorship and Grants Program Application Guidelines

Community Sponsorship and Grants Program Application Guidelines

AVID Property Group (AVID) is pleased to support a range of not-for-profit, industry and community organisations across Australia.

AVID receives many requests for sponsorships each year through its Community Sponsorship and Grants Program, with each request carefully assessed and judged on its own merit. These guidelines have been developed to assist you in the preparation of your application for an available grant through AVID’s Community Sponsorship and Grants Program.


About the Program: Build, Connect, Activate

AVID’s Community Sponsorship and Grants Program is divided into three categories: Build, Connect, Activate. The program offers a range of grants, each designed to help communities prosper, with a focus on promoting local growth and regional sustainability.

  • Grants Applications Currently Closed
  • Help form marketing alliances, building brand awareness together
  • Grants support large projects with potential state/national reach and media coverage opportunities.
  • Open to participants from all localities, not limited to residents, businesses, local organisations or community groups of AVID communities.
  • Examples: major sporting team sponsorship (i.e. Sunshine Coast Lightning), large charity branding partnership (i.e Steps charity), national campaign sponsorship (i.e Take 3 for the Sea)
  • Grants of up to $10,000 (medium-to-large sponsorships)
  • Fosters lasting community partnerships and connections
  • Supports initiatives that align with AVID’s community development strategy and marketing objectives (at a local project level)
  • Open to participants who reside or operate its business, local organisations or community group in or from the AVID community supporting the program or broader local council region in which the AVID community is situated.
  • Examples: local arts festival (i.e. Horizon Festival), local school programs and events (i.e. C Chancellor State College Chaplaincy Program, Montessori International College Imagineers Festival etc)
  • Grants of up to $2,500 (small-to-medium sponsorships)
  • Supports local art, community, entrepreneurship and sporting (ACES) projects
  • Grants are offered to projects designed to be delivered within AVID’s developments.
  • Open to participants who reside or operate its business, local organisation or community group in or from the AVID community supporting the program or who may otherwise demonstrate an engagement with the local community.
  • Examples: Art/gardening, health workshops, fitness programs, future sports club, entrepreneurship programs


Sponsorship types: funding levels and round offers

Please refer to AVID’s Community Sponsorship and Grants Program Corporate website:

Eligibility and criteria

AVID offers a range of sponsorship and grants every year across Australia, with a focus on New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, where it currently operates.

Grants are open for individuals, businesses, local organisations and community groups. AVID is particularly looking for applications that reflect creativity, innovation, inclusion, sustainability and economic prosperity.

The individuals, businesses, local organisations and community groups looking to participate in the Connect and Activate categories must either reside in or operate from the AVID community supporting the program.

Applications will be assessed on the following merits:

  • Celebrate culture and art
Customer First:
  • Support family and community-based activities
  • Promote health and wellbeing in the community
  • Build local entrepreneurship
  • Provide educational opportunities/youth development programs
  • Build economic sustainability
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Deliver outcomes that align with AVID’s objectives and vision
Sponsorships will generally not be made available to:
  • Organisations that do not align with AVID’s values
  • Political campaigns or lobbying groups
  • Individuals pursuing personal activities
  • Businesses or individuals seeking sponsorship for commercial-related matters
  • Organisations seeking sponsorships for religious purposes.


How to apply

Sponsorships and grants are available when the applicable grant round opens, and can be submitted via AVID’s online portal:

All applicants are required to complete the online application form and are welcome to include any further information to support their application.


Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be advised of the outcome of their submission by email, shortly after the assessment process is completed.

AVID will prepare any appropriate media announcements in collaboration with successful applicants (where applicable).


Payment to successful applicants will only be made on receipt of a valid tax invoice and after a sponsorship letter of agreement has been signed by both AVID and the sponsored individual or organisation. Large sponsorship payments may also be made in instalments at AVID’s absolute discretion.


Following the completion of your project, you are required to ‘acquit’ the awarded grant funds. The acquittal process allows us to see how the grant was used in the AVID community.

Acquittals are due eight weeks from the project completion date stated on your application form, and must be completed online. You will be notified by email when acquittals are due.

For further information regarding AVID’s Community Sponsorship and Grants Program, please contact:

Sarah Tebbutt
Community Development Officer

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