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August 24, 2023 | IN Together Magazine | BY Holly Brennan | 4 min read

When it comes to colour, it’s personal

Colour creates a connection and offers a chance for homeowners to personalise the space to make it feel like their home.

“Everyone has an individual stance on colour and the key is to find what makes you feel secure and restful. For some that might be darker, earthy tones whereas others might prefer winter blues and greys. The most important thing is to personalise a space and make it your own,” Andrea says. 

How we use colour is one of the most important design decisions, and often one of the most daunting, when it comes to decorating our home. We asked Andrea Lucena-Orr from Dulux for some expert advice on the influence of colour in our homes and the colour themes emerging in 2023

Emerging colour trends

The colour geniuses over at Dulux have given us a snapshot of current colour trends – Balance, Connect, and Revive. These three emotive palettes are inspired by our desire to bond with the environment, or communities and the people we love, with warming, earth-drawn neutrals, natural textures, and an array of brighter hues.


The balance palette is a refined and reassuring palette of serene marine blues, gentle greens, weathered pastels and accents of deep garnet that evokes beauty and fluidity of our oceans and shoreline


Our homes continue to be our refuge in 2023 – the place we seek security, calm and comfort. The key colours from the Connect palette include natural and quietly stable hues, such as moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddied yellow-green and rich, purple-brown bring warmth and intimacy to interiors to set a relaxed and welcoming tone.


Whilst the colours in the Revive palette are a little deeper than last year’s, it draws from the same philosophy; it’s out with the so-called ‘design rules’ and in with the personal expression. Think mustardy yellows, breezy blues, rose pink, lavender and striking emerald splashed across everything from walls to furniture, creating spaces that instantly make you smile

Don’t stress over seasonal adjustment

Colour is one of the easiest ways to add personality to a space, whether on the walls, the furniture or within decorative elements. Andrea says colour is easily adaptable and cycles evolve slowly.

“Choosing a colour scheme is not like buying a sweater for winter. Colour schemes evolve very slowly and neutral colours won’t tire quickly,” Andrea says.

Adding colour with furniture

For those who prefer a neutral background, consider using furniture to add colour to a room – whether in small touches or large bursts of colour. Fabrics and textiles such as rugs, pillows, throws and window furnishings are perfect for inviting colour and can add pattern and texture. Alternatively, colourful artwork introduces different hues and shapes.

“Wall colours are often neutral today so you can layer your room with colour. You can add texture with rugs, cushions, quilts, and artwork. This also helps with continuity across seasons, as you can mix and match and adapt with natural and neutral wall colours,” Andrea says.

A home of many uses

There has been a shift toward home being a sanctuary as people spend more time in their homes than ever before. They are opting for softer and lighter colours and more natural lighting to create a tranquil space at home. Andrea says that comfortable furnishings are also in, noting that “we have seen the creation of separate workspaces, with spare bedrooms and dining table space turned into study nooks with desks, shelving, and cupboard doors. Murphy beds (pull-down beds) are also being added to adapt a bedroom space to a study space.”

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