Sponsorship & Grants

AVID Community Sponsorship and Grants Program

AVID Property Group proudly supports not-for-profit, industry and community organisations across Australia through its Community Sponsorship and Grants Program.
This enables AVID to contribute in a valuable way, and help shape positive, supportive communities, encourage the growth of local economies, build and maintain connections, enhance social sustainability, and provide opportunities for individuals and groups to flourish.

Harmony by AVID Property Group

ACTIVATE: up to $2,500

Activate grants support local initiatives at a grassroots level, with projects delivered within Harmony. Previous Activate projects at Harmony have included local fitness classes and entrepreneur workshops held at Café Harmony.

Registrations now closed.

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Harmony by AVID Property Group

CONNECT: up to $10,000

Connect grants at Harmony build enduring community ties, supporting events like Sunshine Coast Horizon Festival String Symphony and Montessori International College’s Imagineers Festival, fostering lasting connections within the broader community.

Registrations now closed.

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Carolina by AVID Property Group

ACTIVATE: up to $2,500

Activate grants at Carolina fund local projects like Deanside Primary School’s gym upgrades and pediatric defibrillator purchases, as well as aiding Carolina Springs Scouts with tents and supporting Melton Performing Arts.

Registrations now closed.

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Carolina by AVID Property Group

CONNECT: up to $10,000

Connect grants in Carolina, particularly in Melton, cultivate lasting community ties. Past sponsorships aided clubs like Diggers Rest Football and Netball Club and Diggers Rest Cricket Club, fueling team growth, especially for juniors and women, enhancing local sports.

Registrations now closed.

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Covella by AVID Property Group

ACTIVATE: up to $2,500

Covella’s Activate grant program provides essential support for grassroots-level initiatives, ensuring that projects are implemented within the local community to address specific needs and enhance community well-being.

Registrations now closed.

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Covella by AVID Property Group

CONNECT: up to $10,000

Covella’s Connect grant initiative plays a vital role in nurturing enduring community partnerships and fostering meaningful connections within the local area.

Registrations now closed.

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Property Industry Foundation

Youth homelessness currently affects 44,000 young Australians – a number that is growing – with one in three young people turned away from accommodation every night. But it’s a critical issue that can be helped with the support of builders and developers.

At AVID, we have a strong commitment to addressing growing societal and industry issues, particularly those that affect our community, and in Australia, it’s no secret that one of these issues is homelessness. As creators of communities ourselves, we feel responsible to seek ways that we can contribute to bettering the broader community, which is why this partnership with the Property Industry Foundation was a no brainer for us.

For many, buying, or even renting a home isn’t an option, leaving many Australians, particularly young people, homeless. As developers, we have a great opportunity to align ourselves with important causes that can be directly solved by the industry we’re in.
Partnerships like these allow AVID to demonstrate our commitment to supporting a cause of importance – not just to staff, but also to our key stakeholders and customers.

For more than 25 years, the Property Industry Foundation has brought together the property and construction industry in a unique collaboration to have a tangible impact on youth homelessness. Powered by our industry, the Property Industry Foundation build homes for homeless youth and provides ongoing support for to allow young people to rebuild their lives. Its mission is to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness by partnering with respected charities to build safe environments and support charity managed initiatives focused on education, pathways to employment and wellbeing.

AVID has long been a supporter of the Foundation, but in 2022 we signed on as an official partner, joining other industry leaders to solidify our ongoing commitment to its work and help improve the lives of Australia’s homeless youth.

To invigorate the partnership on an internal and external facet, AVID created its own internal PIF Charity Champions Committee including a Chair, Secretary, and representatives from each state. The Committee is responsible for organising events, attending committee meetings, and acting as internal PIF ambassadors, generating involvement from AVID staff members.

Each year, PIF hold numerous events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne including its annual Sailing Regatta and Tour de PIF, in addition to its Industry SleepOut and gala dinners in which the AVID team is thrilled to participate in, volunteer at and support. To date, AVID has participated in 12 initiatives and raised a total of $55,000 over the course of the partnership.

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MATES in construction

As a workplace firmly committed to health and safety, we place just as much importance on mental wellbeing as we do with physical safety on site. With doznes of construction workers and staff across AVID’s sites, we take responsibility for a large cohort of people, and it’s not one we take lightly.

The statistics tell us that around 200 people take their own life every year in the construction industry in Australia. That’s more than one person every second day. It’s an astonishing figure, and as a major employer of construction workers, AVID and Villaworld Homes are only too aware of the staggering numbers, and the pressure on those in our industry. We know we can’t solve this issue alone, so we called on MATES in Construction to support us in managing the mental health of our construction workers, and equipping them with the tools to be able to look out for their mates and colleagues.

Research by MATES in Construction has shown that the highly transient nature of the construction industry, with workers commonly employed on a project-by-project basis, and the fact that many workers find it difficult to discuss feelings and emotions with colleagues, is a major contributor to the mental health endemic. The root challenges are compounded by a high-pressure environment, rising costs, labour shortages and supply constraints. All of this leads to construction workers being six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work.

MATES in Construction raises awareness of suicide as a preventable problem, builds stronger and more resilient workers, connects people to the best available help and support, and gives everyone who needs it an outlet to unashamedly speak up and be heard. Having interacted with hundreds of thousands of people around the country, MATES in Construction are an important part of the AVID team, connecting workers to the best available help and support, and equipping them to be able to recognise the signs in themselves or others.

In our longstanding partnership, we’re proud to have raised around $355,000 for the critical work the team undertakes, to ensure they can reach more job sites and more workers, and ultimately, save the lives of our friends and colleagues.

Villaworld Homes’ annual Golf Classic is a day on the calendar that the team look forward to each year, as workers and partners come together for a day on the green, raising money for MATES in Construction, which contribute so valuably to our organisation and broader industry.

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help, contact Lifeline – 24 hours a day, 7 weeks a week – on 13 11 14.

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Act for Kids

AVID has created homes for more than 75,000 young and growing families, and we are committed to providing safe environments for the many children who live in our communities.

Personal safety in the community extends beyond our own projects, and through Act for Kids, AVID is committed to advocating for the prevention of child abuse and neglect across Australia, supporting treatment, and providing education around keeping children safe and away from harm.

Child abuse and neglect is one of Australia’s biggest and most misunderstood social issues, with one child reported to suffer physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect every 11 minutes – most often by someone they should be able to trust within their own home. Thousands of other cases go unreported.

Through prevention, treatment, research, education and advocacy, Act for Kids are committed to helping keep kids safe, heal from trauma and lead happy lives. Their dedicated team of psychologists, speech therapists, early education specialists, counsellors, occupational therapists and family support workers have helped hundreds of thousands of children and families across our 30 centres since 1988.
By supporting these efforts, AVID endeavours to promote safe living conditions for their residents and the wider community.

In our longstanding partnership with Act for Kids, we’re proud to have raised around $300,000 for the critical work the team undertakes, to ensure they can reach children and families, helping to change their lives.

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AVID is a true member of the Sunshine Coast Lightning team – on and off the court.

Through our flagship community on the Sunshine Coast, Harmony, AVID is a long-time supporter of the two-times Grand Final National Suncorp Super Netball winners.

AVID committed to sponsor the team in its inaugural year – 2016 – and has continued this sponsorship annually for the past seven years. We are proud of the fact that, this close involvement with the team has seen five of the players call Harmony home, whilst also being involved with community initiatives and inclusion within the AVIDEngage online series.

This partnership has been exemplary of AVID’s mission to bring people together through helping communities prosper, promoting local growth and community spirit. The commitment has played a significant role bringing together sports lovers in support of the Sunshine Coast’s homegrown talent.

Harmony residents enjoy the full benefits of being a part of the local team including:

  • Fortnightly ticket giveaway competitions via Harmony’s Facebook account for residents and friends.
  • ‘Surprise and Delight’ activation, where Lightning players door knocked all residents on Harmony’s Lightning Street to hand out double passes to a home game of their choice. We were particularly delighted to see a future player in the making, who may just be the Lightning’s biggest fan, receive one of the double passes.
  • The involvement of Lightning team member and Harmony resident, Laura Scherian in AVID’s online engagement video series, AVIDEngage. Here, Laura hosted a two-part healthy lunchbox treats series to mark the return to the school term.
  • Many of the Sunshine Coast Lightning team players have attended to community events such as Paws in the Park and Harmony Fun Day.
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We bring people together

A sense of belonging

Creating memories

Building communities

“Like Harmony, the Sunshine Coast Lightning was an untested new franchise that were setting new goals, objectives and benchmarks within the Sunshine Coast. It created an immediate alignment in values, as two groups who were seeking success and community backing in our own fields.”

Bruce Harper – Executive General Manager, AVID Property Group.

“The support from AVID has made this event possible and allowed us to use the funds to purchase equipment for our members to use in the protection of our town and the greater state of Victoria.”

Captain Tim Welshe – Diggers Rest Country Fire Association.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to have great male role models in their lives, so it’s important for us to provide those connections (…) having the backing of AVID Property Group really helps us to deliver more programs to schools and open it up to more people.”

Daniel Allars – NSW State manager, Top Blokes Foundation.

“Our Harmony community, and the broader AVID group and residents, have become incredibly supportive of the Lightning. You just need to see the sold out matches and the line ups to our Lightning community events. The Lightning team has similarly connected with our community and been so generous in their time, to bring the community on as their own over our seven year partnership.”

Bruce Harper – Executive General Manager, AVID Property Group.

“AVID is dedicated to creating strong, healthy and sustainable communities around Australia, which includes addressing social issues affecting the local areas. As property developers, we believe it’s important to support causes that align with our company values, which is why our national partnership with the Property Industry Foundation was so perfectly aligned. Our staff are equally passionate about getting involved – and that the partnership will strengthen our existing relationship with the Property Industry Foundation and fulfil opportunities with our staff.”

Cameron Holt – CEO, AVID Property Group

“Support from industry leaders such as AVID around fundraising and industry programs is essential for continuing the foundation’s work. The number of homeless young people is expected to rise to critical levels as a result of rising living costs and low housing availability, so we heavily rely on our industry networks to play a part in tackling this pressing issue. The Foundation works towards providing resources and support to get young people off the streets, none of which would be possible without the support of building and development industry, and through their fundraising and community engagement.”

Kate Mills – CEO, Property Industry Foundation

“… Nearly 200 people a year in the construction industry take their life – that statistic isn’t lost on us. Some of them, potentially, could be on our sites. So, what we were really looking for was to be able to have the opportunity, if we encountered someone who was struggling, to be able to show them some hope and steer them towards someone who could help them. It gives our whole business meaning and heart, and there’s a real purpose behind these charities that we get behind.”

Peter Wood – General Manager Housing, AVID Property Group

“We want workplace health and safety to be part of our DNA, because as we know, the most important reason to work safely isn’t at work at all.”

John Jansen – General Manager WHSE, AVID

“The ongoing support of AVID over many years has provided boots on the ground to support construction workers and their families who have been doing it tough. MATES provides its services for free into the construction industry so the generosity of AVID has allowed us to not only continue but to expand so we can support more companies and their workers. This donation literally saves lives.”

John Brady – Co-Founder and COO, MATES in Construction

“Act for Kids is incredibly grateful for the continued commitment and generous support and invaluable partnership of Villaworld Homes by AVID. The Golf Classic is such a wonderful event bringing the construction community together and raising vital funds to help support children who have experienced trauma. The funds raised at the Golf Classic will play a vital role in ensuring children who have experienced trauma can receive life changing therapy so that they can go on to lead happy lives.”

Dr Katrina Lines – CEO, Act for Kids

“Through local partnerships with schools, sporting clubs and organisations, AVID is able to connect with residents, customers and the broader community as a whole… showcasing our commitment to building a true community, not just a development.”

Anthony Demiris – General Manager Queensland, AVID Property Group

Brentwood Forest

Located just 5 km from Springfield Central with shopping centres, health and recreation hubs, schools, childcare facilities and public transport at your doorstep. Brentwood Forest is nestled in its own wooded enclave that rises above the surrounding valleys, a family-oriented address which offers a sense of tranquillity, space and seclusion. With playgrounds and leafy parks, quiet streets and easy access to schools, shops, sports facilities and everyday services, Brentwood Forest offers a sense of escape from the hassles of suburban life, while still remaining close to all that matters.

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